Advanced Training

Advanced licence - The Full Licence Manual

“You have worked hard to get your amateur radio licence, and have progressed through to being an Intermediate Licence holder.

Maybe you are ready now to take on the UK’s ultimate amateur radio qualification: the Advanced (see below) Radio Communications exam leading to the issuing of a Full Licence.

Many privileges and responsibilities come with a Full Licence, including a higher power limit and operating in many other Countries without further formal application.”

This book, and the other books mentioned within this Training section, are available through the RSGB book shop, which can be accessed by clicking here.

210 by 297 mm, 104 pages, ISBN: 1-872309-95-X

On obtaining your book, you should check here for corrections, updates and additional information.

The Advanced exam consists of 65 multiple choice questions (4 answers) and lasts for 120 minutes. There is no practical assessment.

Some may find it easier to revise from the Course Syllabus, rather than the book. If so, this can be accessed by clicking here.

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