CANCELLED – Special Event Station GB0FS on Flying Scotsman 15th September 2018

CANCELLED – Special Event Station GB0FS on Flying Scotsman 15th September 2018

CANCELLED due to track maintenance by Network Rail.

Rochdale And District Amateur Radio Society (RADARS) was host tonight to Dave Robinson M0LMN and Maurice Fletcher M0TXK from Bury Radio Society. Dave and Maurice came to the Rochdale club to talk about their plans to run the special event station GB0FS from the Flying Scotsman steam locomotive on Saturday 15th September 2018.

Special event station GB0FS

Phil M0KPH, Maurice M0TXK, Dave M0LMN, and Robert M0NVQ

The Flying Scotsman will haul The Wells Flyer, a seaside special, from East Lancashire Railways Bury to Holyhead and return on Saturday 15th September 2018 to raise funds for the purchase of ‘City of Wells’. Onboard the special will be Dave M0LMN and Maurice M0TXK who will operate GB0FS (FS for Flying Scotsman) through the GB7MR DMR repeater located in Bury and sponsored by Rochdale And District Amateur Radio Society (RADARS). They also hope to also speak to other amateur radio operators on 2 metres FM and other repeaters that they can access on the day.

For those interested in seeing the Flying Scotsman, it will have a busy schedule departing from ELR Bury at 07:15am arriving at Holyhead at 12:45; departing from Holyhead at 14:45 and returning to ELR Bury at 20:30pm. The publicised route is ELR Bury, ELR Heywood, Manchester Victoria, Newton Le Willows, Warrington, Llandudno, and Holyhead. It is expected that Flying Scotsman will pass through ELR Bury, ELR Heywood, Castleton, Mills Hill, Moston, Manchester Victoria, Eccles, Patricroft, Glazebury, Newton-Le-Willows, Warrington Bay Quay, before travelling onwards to Wales, giving many good opportunities for photographers.

It is expected that the special event station GB0FS will be heard on timeslot 2 talkgroup 9 (local) and timeslot 1 talkgroup 235 (UK wide). Whilst it is not intended to tie-up talkgroup 235 or prevent other users from using the national DMR network, it is hoped many amateur radio operators UK wide will be interested to call in on special event station GB0FS operating from the Flying Scotsman.