Amateur radio links

A list of amateur radio links that you might find useful.



Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network:

Amsat – Amateur Radio in Space:

Azimuthal Map by NS6T:



Callsign database of amateur radio operators (QRZ – who is calling me?):

Callsign database of amateur radio operators:

Callsign – free hamradio callbook:


Clubs and Amateur Radio Societies

Bolton Wireless Club:

British Amateur Television Club:

Bury Radio Society:

Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society:

FISTS is The International Morse Preservation Society:

GQRP Club is a non profit organisation run entirely by volunteers to promote Low Power Radio:

Macclesfield And District Amateur Radio Society:

Mid Cheshire Amateur Radio Society:

Northern Amateur Radio Societies Association (NARSA):

Oldham Amateur Radio Club:

Rochdale And District Amateur Radio Society (RADARS):

South Lancs Amateur Radio Club:

South Manchester Radio and Computing Club:

Stockport Radio Society:

Sutton Coldfield Radio Society:

West Manchester Radio Club:

Warrington Amateur Radio Society:



Contests – RSGB HF Contests Calendar 2018:

Contests – RSGB VHF Contests Calendar 2018:



G0HWC’s Slow Scan TV Site:

GB2RS News is the RSGB’s weekly radio broadcast news service relayed by a team of newsreaders to listeners across the UK and beyond:



Heavens Above:



M3HHY Lewis’s Youtube channel, primarily reviewing Handheld Transceivers:

Maker Pro, an active, open source platform for maker projects that are centered around Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison, home automation and more: https://Maker.Pro/

Maidenhead Grid Square Locator Map:

Maximum Usable Frequency Map:

M0NVQ Robert’s Twitter feed:



On The Air

British Inland Waterways On The Air: (August each year)

Churches And Chapels On The Air (CHOTA): (September each year)

International Lighthouse Lightship: (August each year)

International Museums Weekends:

Jamboree On The Air: (October each year)

Mills On The Air: (May each year)

Pubs And Clubs On The Air (PACOTA):

Railways On The Air: (September each year)

SOS Radio Week:



Rallies – RSGB rallies page:

Regenerative Radios

AA8V Twinplex Regenerative Receiver:

AA8V Twinplex Regenerative Receiver (coils):

Article with construction notes:

H.A.C. short wave kits:

VK6FH design for a 12AU7 Regen’ Receiver

YouTube video by VK3YE:



UKFM Group Western, the UK’s largest repeater group:

UK amateur radio repeaters:



CCS7 User Database:

DMR and D-Star central registration system for different Digital Voice services for Amateur Radio:



DMR Brandmeister dashboard:

DMR Advanced Database Search:

DMR Phoenix Live Monitor:

DMR Phoenix Dashboard:



D-Star last heard:

D-Star X Reflector Directory



DV4mini image supporting RPi3B+ –

PiStar.UK – Pi-Star Digital Voice Software:



Satellites – cheap antennas for the low earth orbit amateur radio satellites:

Slim Jim and J Pole Calculator by M0UKD:

Slim Jim – Making a Slim Jim:



Birchwood Electronics, suppliers of amateur radio items:

Bowood Electronics, suppliers of elecronic components:

Capacitive CW Touch Key Circuits by M0UKD:

Langrex Vintage Electronics, suppliers of valves and other vintage components:



UK Microwave Group:



Weak Signal Communication Software WSJT:

WSPR – Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network:



Yagi -UDA antenna – how the yagi antenna works: