DMR Basic User Guide

DMR Basic User Guide

The following is intended as a DMR basic user guide to using the GB7MR repeater efficiently, and with courtesy to other users.

TG = Talk Group, S = Slot, UA = User Activated


    • Please disable GPS/APRS as these are NOT supported by the repeater, will tie up a slot, and also use up data unnecessarily;
    • Repeaters are generally set to 3 minutes Time Out, so make sure your radio’s TOT is set to 3 minutes or less;
    • Leave a gap, around 2 seconds, after the other station has finished talking. This will allow the repeater time to reset;
    • Check, regularly, whether there are other stations on the Talk Group who want to come in;
    • There is no need to call CQ, but it is helpful to mention the Talk Group and Slot when you do call. This is helpful when driving, or when your radio is on scan. A couple of suggested calls are as follows:- “This is G0ROC, Talk Group 9 Slot 2, standing by for any calls”“ or “G0ROC, Talk Group 9 Slot 2, listening and standing by”;
    • If you are local to the repeater, then try to use TG9 S2 as often as possible;

Talk Groups

  • Start off on TG9 S2, moving to TG9 S1 if S2 is busy or you wish to continue a lengthy conversation;
  • If there is nobody on TG9, then try TG820, which is our regional TG;
  • If there is nobody on TG820, then try TG860, which is the M60 corridor (roaming);
  • If there is nobody on TG860, then try TG235, which is U.K. wide;
  • Once a contact had been established on TG820, TG860, or TG235, you should move to one of the U.K. UA TGs to continue your conversation. These are:- TG80, TG81, TG82, TG83;
  • You may, of course, go straight to TG235 if you want to put a call out U.K. wide;
  • TG1 is World Wide calling. Again, you should move to a UA TG to continue your conversation, but not all UA TGs will be available. You should ask what is available to the other station. Usual ones are: TG113, TG119, TG123, TG129;
  • If there are no common UAs available when on TG1, then keep the conversation to a few overs;

Hot Spots

  • Many users will be using a DMR Hotspot, such as the DVMEGA, the DV4Mini, the Shark, etc. These are very useful for those not in range of a repeater, but have limited access to TGs;
  • These start at reflector 4400, which is TG235. A full list can be found by clicking here.

Please remember to be courteous at at all times, and try to help those who may be struggling to understand DMR. We were all new to the mode at one time!